Проститутки Киева в Украине.

Всё о проститутках Киева, индивидуалках, интим досуге и сексе.

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Her eyes bored into him, pulling his soul. They fought terror, black, silent. She stayed seated and just pointed at his jacket pocket, out of which peeped a pack. He took her, gave her a cigarette lighter and sat on the bed. Kiev escort model lowered her eyes, podkurivaya. And as long as cigarettes are not turned into ashes, she stared at the floor. And then looked up and said. Today girls for escort in Kiev for any choice.
— Hello ... tell me just one question — where am I? No, wait, I'm not so asked. Where are you taking me? Say models escort Kiev!
— But you came to me herself ...
And then it dawned on him that he does not remember at all, as she appeared in his apartment. He did not open the door for her, nobody knew of his friends. It just turned out in the hall and handed him a palm, saying her name. Where did she come here, he did not remember, but do not know. Because the evening for him at this end. He was sitting with her in the kitchen, but my Kiev escorts  friends just looked back to pick up beer from the fridge. Then the door shut again, and they remained together. He, Amin and a bottle of vodka.
— No, sorry, I do not remember. I was just drunk. Do with me what you want, but I did not tell you. I am a beast of course, but I really do not know how you got here!
— Okay, but then at least tell me what your name ... And how do you know my name.
— You told me yesterday she said. You know, I have a hard you say it, but I'm so glad that you stayed here and nowhere left!
— No, I do not understand. You see, I do not remember nothing, absolutely. But I'm not a fool, of course, I do not exclude the option that the gang of idiots me and brought me here, but in this case, I probably would not have been able to pronounce his Kiev escort name ...
After a pause, she added.
— Tell me, we slept with you?
Flabbergasted Ruslan silent. It has long been known principle that the crazy one by one, now refused to work. He just bluntly said ...
— My name Ruslan. I lived there. And I understand only one thing that I was mad. The reason for this — you.
Amina looked at him, though now without horror, eyes softened, but remained cautious. It was quite dark, but none of them did not dare turn on the light. Then she stood up and said.

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